EVYAP Contract Manufacturing and Private Label Unit has wide variety products over bar soap, baby diaper, shaving gel and foam, deodorant, hand and body cream, toothpaste, liquids(Cologne, liquid soap, shower gel, shampoo) categories.

Manufactured with state of art design production technologies, Contract Manufacturing and Private Label products originate from 3 manufacturing plants(*) in Turkey,Egypt and Malaysia and meet millions of consumers in over 127 countries.

  • Product R&D

    All the development activities of EVYAP Contract Manufacturing and Private Label products are being conducted at R&D Center located at Tuzla. The team is working for the development of innovative products that can meet with consumer needs. We are trying to catch the last technologies, raw material alternatives and concepts at bar soap & cosmetic products.

    The main target of Product Development Department is, launching innovative products to market with the latest technologies and approved formulations with consumer tests.

  • Packaging Development

    The department follows the latest improvements in the market and applies them on the product packaging. Packaging Department is continually improving Evyap’s packaging processes and produce new solutions to reach maximum efficiency. Evyap creates close relationships with interior and external partners for maximum level of production and efficient information share. It plans effective solutions for fast and timely implementations. The environmental responsibilities are also at the focus, in parallel with improving sustainable product objective in the Packaging Department.

  • Graphic Design

    The necessary artworks on the pack materials and outer cases are designed by our team according to the customer briefs.

  • Product and Process Quality

    EYVAP meets customer needs and expectations consistently and in parallel with the goal of achieving the best, to be performed in all areas of quality and be transformed into a way of life, has been working with the principle of quality.

    We manage our operations effectively with the Total Quality Management awareness. In the light of Total Quality Management we make the people our priority. Our goal is to provide quality, productivity to increase employee loyalty. By constantly developing our quality and product advancement we keep up with the internal and external markets.

    Evyap production facilities have been certified with generally accepted worldwide standards which are;

    ISO 9001-10002-14001-18001
    ATEX (for Aerosol)

    On the other hand Evyap can supply book and claim/mass balanced type RSPO Certification for palm based soap noodles.

  • Service Level

    One of our golden rules is to create high level of customer satisfaction. By the help of this vision, Evyap contract manufacturing team is approaching to our valuable customers within “Key Account Management” concept. Dedicated customer relationship executives and key account managers are working as a part of your team.

  • Logistics Experience

    Evyap is working with powerful and reliable global logistic service providers to achieve on time in full (OTIF) deliveries from our production facilities to all over the world.

  • Cost Engineering

    Evyap is working with economies of scale principle in purchasing process. "Cost engineering [is] the engineering practice devoted to the management of project cost, involving such activities as estimating, cost control, cost forecasting, investment appraisal and risk analysis. "Cost Engineers budget, plan and monitor investment projects. They seek the optimum balance between cost, quality and time requirements.

    Skills and knowledge of Cost Engineers are similar to those of Quantity Surveyors.

    A cost engineer is "an engineer whose judgment and experience are utilized in the application of scientific principles and techniques to problems of estimation; cost control; business planning and management science; profitability analysis; project management; and planning and scheduling.

    Economies of scale

    Well experienced and dedicated finance and purchasing teams
    Know-how over the supplied materials and 3RD party suppliers