The story of Evyap, which started with soap production in 1927 in Erzurum, now extends from soap to shower gels, from shampoos to shaving products, from skin care to fine fragnance, from baby diapers to toothpaste, and many other categories of products in over 100 countries.

Evyap, by now, is one of the leading soap and personal care products manufacturers of the world. Evyap, which carries out a large portion of the export of soap and personal care products from Turkey, is among the 100 Top Turkish industrial firms. Evyap is growing steadily in order to meet the demands of the market. Aside from the facilities in Turkey, Evyap has a factory in Egypt that became operational in 2002 and a factory in Malaysia became operational in 2014.

Evyap has a wide product range in the following categories with its major brands such as; Duru, Arko Men, Arko Nem, Evy Baby, Gibbs, Fax, Activex and Sanino.

  • Personal Wash Products:
    Bar and Liquid Soaps, shower gels
  • Personal care Products:
    Skin care products, hair care, sun care, oral care products, and men’s toiletries
  • Hygienic Products:
    Diapers, hygienic pads, wet wipes
  • Detergents:
    Dishwashing detergents, surface cleaners

Evyap, is the market leader in Turkey with beauty soaps, skin care products, pre and after shave products. Evyap is present in the international soap market with Duru*, Fax and Arko* brands. They sell as one of top two brands in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Poland, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Albania, Moldova and many other markets.

In the pre-shave category, Arko has a dominant position in Russia, Ukraine and in the vast geographic region from Central Asia to the Middle East. Sanino is one of the most preferred toothpaste brand in the Ukraine.

In November 2006 Evyap purchased Aromel Cosmetics, a leading firm in the fine fragrance sector, making it a part of the company. Evyap, therefore, strengthened its leadership position in personal care products and cosmetics with brands such as Bellissima, First Class, Privacy, Emotion and Blade brands that are well known, liked and trusted by consumers.

In 2003 Evyap stared baby diaper and hygienic ped production with brands Evy Baby & Evy Lady. Nowadays Evyap has a diaper production capacity of 2 billion pieces per year.

Since 2003 Evyap is a strong part owner of contract manufacturing business world wide. Besides doing private label & contract manufacturing production for leading brands globally Evyap is also dominating domestic market by producing private label products for largest chains.

Evyap has adopted offering its good quality soap and personal care products, which are produced with the state of the art technologies, for reasonable prices as a principle.